About Pony Tools

“I want to take this opportunity to announce that effective August 1, 2013, the Adjustable Clamp Company will change its name to Pony Tools Incorporated. This name change reflects the start of an exciting new chapter in the history of the company. In fact, 2013 represents a significant historical date milestone.

The Adjustable Clamp Company was founded in 1903 by Adele Holman and has operated uninterrupted for the past 110 years under the direction of 5 generations of Holman family members. Doug Holman, sole owner and great-great grandson of Adele Holman, has recently appointed a new management team as part of his vision for charting the future growth of the company. Mr. Holman believes the name change to Pony Tools, Inc. will more effectively clarify the brand recognition of the Pony® and Jorgensen® product lines in addition to reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and supply of a full array of clamping and clamp related tools used in the woodworking, metal working, industrial and retail customer channels.

Over the coming months you will see exciting changes from Pony Tools, Inc. In addition to recently introduced new logos for our Pony® and Jorgensen® product lines, there will be a new website, new product line extensions and new innovations in the functionality and capabilities of our current line of master-quality clamping products.

Although we are making these dramatic changes in our company name and to the appearance of some products, our product quality will continue to be class leading. We will continue working closely with our distributors and our independent and retail chain account customers to assure that the consumer gets the very best from our trusted Pony® and Jorgensen® brands and product lines.”

Joe Krueger, President/CEO, Pony Tools, Incorporated.