August, 2013. For Immediate Release

What words would one use to describe a manufacturing company that has been in business for over 110 years, and remains a leader in its category? Well, according to Mr. Doug Holman, 5th generation family leader of the company founded by his Great-Great Grandmother Adele in 1903: “I am excited that our new corporate name, Pony Tools, Inc. will become the face of our business moving forward. After careful consideration we determined that our original corporate name ‘Adjustable Clamp Company’ will be retired this year. The inspiration for our new name comes from one of our leading tool brands, Pony®.”

Mr. Holman, Chairman, is leading this 110 year old firm through an exciting transition. He describes his role as one of ‘careful thought, perseverance and attention to detail.’

In celebrating the firm’s 110th Anniversary this year, Mr. Holman states “we have brought on new senior managers recently, to provide strategic direction and lead the company to greater success in the future.” (One of those new senior managers is Mr. Joe Krueger, President and CEO, who sought a corporate name change as a top priority).

What is the significance of the new company name? According to Mr. Krueger, “The new PONY TOOLS will focus on using our resources strategically in the areas of consumer marketing, product innovation, employee training and manufacturing excellence.” Another employee, Ms. Alice Orme, HR Manager, who has been with Adjustable Clamp Company for over twenty years, added “To me, the new Pony Tools name means we have to work smarter to maintain our good reputation, but we need also to meet the challenges of a very competitive industry from this point on.”

Mr. Holman is proud that “In our 110th year in business, our company is in a perfect position to bring continued excellence in making great tools, for any generation.”

For additional information please contact Alice Orme, HR Manager, Pony Tools Inc.

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