Product Information

There are over 75 product types manufactured in various sizes and marketed under two brands, Pony® and Jorgensen®. The Jorgensen® line includes many styles of bar clamps, including our newest E-Z Hold one-hand bar clamp, several hand-type clamps, the iconic hand screws and hand-screw kits, and the Cabinet Master® parallel jaw clamp. The Pony® line includes band clamps, Cabinet Claw®, Casework Claw®, corner and framing clamps, many iterations and sizes of C-clamps, spring clamps in various colors, sizes, materials and features, the first-of-its kind Pipe Clamp Fixtures (make your own clamp), several specialty clamps, hand saws and more.

Replacement parts for several products are available from the company, and unique items not offered in most stores, are available on the Pony Tools website, as are most of our products. Prices can vary between retail stores, the company website and online outlets.

Our products are engineered in the USA and many are 100% made in the US. Some products are imported while some components are globally sourced then shipped to Chicago for assembly. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction for all products: Quality parts and manufacturing expertise means we stand behind everything we sell. We repair or replace any tool that fails.

You may think a company that has been in business over 112 years has not retained any of its original identity, quite to the contrary! The fact is our iconic ORANGE tools are the most widely recognized clamping products in the market. To this day, we still manufacture our products in the ORANGE color consumers have trusted since 1903. So when shopping for clamping products, turn to the iconic ORANGE of the Pony and Jorgensen brands – trusted by millions of satisfied customers.

(October, 2015)