Product Information

At Pony Tools, Inc. we manufacture quality clamping products and clamp related tools used in the woodworking, metal working, heavy industrial and retail consumer segments. Consumers can find our product lines in all the major hardware chains, home improvement mega-stores and also in the medium and smaller independent hardware stores across the USA and Canada.

On this website you can explore our range of products by looking at the Pony® and Jorgensen® sections on the home page. Simply select a tool from one of our brand lines that interests you. Look at the Jorgensen® section for bar clamps, hand screws/kits, and saws. Look in the Pony® section for everything else, including band clamps, the board boss kit, cabinet claw, C-clamps, miter saws, pipe clamps, vises, specialty clamps, and more!

We provide a link for consumers to search for their preferred retail store carrying our Pony® and Jorgensen® products. If you don’t see the store desired, please call us, at the number below. However, replacement parts and unique items are available on this website, as are most of our products, at the prices listed plus shipping. Prices can vary between retail stores, this website and outlets.